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• Wear earplugs at loud concerts or night clubs - you should never be left with a ringing in your ears after listening to music.• Don’t insert objects such as fingers, cotton buds, cotton wool or tissue into your ears.Losing your hearing is often a gradual process and you others might notice it before you do. 5 surprising causes of hearing loss] It’s estimated that there are approximately four million people in the UK with an undiagnosed hearing loss who could benefit from using a hearing aid. You increase the TV or music volume to unreasonably loud levels or sit close to the TV when the volume is adequate for others.• You’re asking people to repeat themselves or using “what? • You intently watch the faces of speakers or can’t locate the source of a sound accurately.

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June 2004, updated June 2007 Two scams involving the Deaf Relay telephone service for deaf people.

Credit Card Scam: A detailed description was sent to us quite some time ago (July 2003) by a Kindly Contributor who works for a company providing Deaf Relay services.

Any point in the world can be reached to and from Budapest.

Liszt Ferenc International Airport (former Ferihegy Airport) has two terminals roughly 28 kilometers from the city.

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