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” Many people give online dating tips advising against this, and in truth, cutting and pasting is risky business. Almost every women (or man, for that reason) would like a personal message. By the the time you’re finished writing it, five other guys have written to her!But if you carefully craft a killer message and tweak it just a little each time, you can: 1.) They make them too short. You need to have a very smartly written message template. But if template is good, it will appear to the woman as if the entire thing was original. This is longer that the average message so you will stand out more.NO ONE likes feeling like they're just one of a group that was hit with a mass message that day.I'm a very creative person and a bit of a jokester as well, so there is no way I could go the copy and paste rout.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. if you give it your all and make a lil effort, at least you can say you tried. There is absolutely nothing in your profile that would induce anyone to want to message you.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... a copy/paste job isn't really trying, a guy mentions ANYTHING from my page, they get a reply. For me, when I was on here looking, if someone put little to no effort into their profile and/or messages, it really made me decide to put little/no effort into answering/messaging them.And let me tell you: they’re turned off when they smell you’re wearing “Desperate Dude cologne”, which is when you’re WAY too serious throughout your dating profile.They cringe when they read profiles that say “I’m looking for Miss Right.” Maybe you’re a looker too, but women think about dating in a more casual way.

It’s not like you can fill up a jar with small change and then expect to “grow” some time because time is money, right? Where to use these samples of dating profiles: the description of your dating profile.

As well, if a message seems completely copied and pasted, then you need to find a new message to spam out. First, it is the most time efficient method of online dating for men.

Hell, it is the most time efficient form of dating physically possible.

What type of opening messages will have girls responding to you consistently?

Well, there are two types of messages that actually get responses from women.

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imo, it's always better to have an off the wall subject line that mentions something on their page and is witty.

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