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Pictures of short hair in natural and girly styles that will work in combination with any type of face, be it round, oval, square, heart-shaped.

Ideas leaning more towards the feminine and cute but still pack a little punch.

Take shorter looks and add interesting details like spikes, slices and tousled texture.

Messy is sexy, discover fourteen examples allowing a messy yet elegant countenance. No need to take an online quiz to decide what your spirit animal's color is, ask a stylist.

"Let it fly in the breeze and get caught in the trees Give a home to the fleas, in my hair A home for fleas, a hive for the buzzing bees A nest for birds, there ain't no words For the beauty, splendor, the wonder of my hair Flow it! Sleeping with very long hair (or sleeping with—in both senses of the word—someone with very long hair) has its drawbacks, too.

It also has a way of winding up in your food and your mouth, eyes, and nose, and if it hangs below your mid-back, you have to be careful sitting in seats to avoid it being pinned behind or under you.

In fiction, this can mean a number of things from accentuating their femininity, to symbolizing their wild and untamed nature. Hair is heavy, especially when wet, and as anyone who has had long hair can attest, it takes forever to comb out (especially difficult if it's longer than your own arm), requires much more shampoo than usual, tangles at the slightest provocation, becomes unpredictably wavy to frizzy in humidity, attacks everything in a strong wind (for that matter, long hair loose in a strong wind can actually ), and is often getting caught in things and being in the way.

"This character has long hair—butt to ankle length long hair—and they let it dramatically blow around them.

We offer wide variety of cheap wigs and more wigs for women in different color, length and style, such as 100% remy human hair wigs, African American wigs, best lace wigs, celebrity wigs and more.Select your favorite cheap human hair wig to have a most natural looking for your daily use!Human hair wigs are more natural and comfortable than synthetic wigs. Simple and very effective - a couple of strands of cotton are pulled tight, twisted together and moved over the brow, snagging individual hairs between them as they go.The result is a smooth, clean brow that frames your face. If I can't get to a salon, I pluck at home, using Eylure eyebrow stencils (£5.99 from chemists).

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To stand out from a crowd it's tempting to crush the opposition by going more extreme than others would dare, or you could out-cute them.

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