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Estimate: 0 - 400, £190 - 250Bid Price: ,200 Lot #4 – Late 1980s Fender 15 Amplifier (Serial No. Closed-back cabinet in black tolex covering, silver grille cloth, six red rotary controls, two jack inputs, 120V model with US plug; signed by Eric Clapton on the back in silver felt pen.

Estimate: 0 - 400, £190 - 250Bid Price: ,200 Lot #5 – Danelectro 'Honeytone' HT-50 Amplifier (Serial No. Top control style open-back cabinet in beige covering, oxblood grille cloth, leather handle, cream control panel with six rotary controls, toggle switch, pilot lamp, jack input, 8-inch speaker, 120V model; and original cardboard box; the amp signed on the back by Eric Clapton in black felt pen.

Thick enough for great tone, thin enough for easy playability.

The medium-sized fret wire is easy to fret and offers great intonation up and down the neck.

The pickguard is loaded with two high-output single coils and one overwound humbucker which have clear bell like tone, but can also shred and emote all the nuances of your playing.

That's apparently part of why he thought Kirby's classic burly heroic style wasn't a good fit – even though Kirby said he and Joe Simon had ideas for an orphaned boy who found a magic ring which gave him spider-powers years before, even using the name Spiderman before changing it to The Silver Spider.Estimate: 0 - 400, £190 – 250Bid Price: ,000 Lot #2 – Circa 1974 Pignose Amplifier (Serial No. Brown tolex covering, blue and silver plastic logo, black grille cloth, one 'Pignose' rotary control, front and rear jack inputs, 9V adapter input, one 5-inch speaker, speaker cone stamped 234824R, battery-operated.Estimate: 0 - 1,000, £470 – 630Bid Price: ,000 Lot #3 – 1993 Park G10 Amplifier (Serial No. Front control style open-back cabinet with black tolex covering, black grille cloth, one 10-inch speaker, gold-colored control panel with six rotary controls, one rocker switch, two jack inputs, 120V, US plug; signed on the back by Eric Clapton in black felt pen.One of Fender’s more revolutionary creations was the electric bass guitar.First released as the Fender Precision Bass in 1951, it wasn’t long before this instrument became a core feature of virtually every band since (notwithstanding the occasional White Stripes or Jon Spencer Blues Explosion).

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Sure, he started out in his teens and has only managed to make it to (maybe? It was an anthology of short, weird little stories, and this last issue included a creepy tale of a time-traveling mummy case and martians infiltrating society, all done by talented artist Steve Ditko and a writer named Stanley Lieber, who went by Stan Lee.

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